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North Sporades

Greek Sporades Sailing

Sailing in Greek North Sporades is unforgettable. These small Islands with the most popular Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos fascinating. They are rich with a lot of small villages, views, tourist attractions and slow Greek lifestyle.

What makes Sporades unique?

Greece is a big country with a lot of interesting and amazing places. Here on the small Sporades you can visit one of the most famous airport in the Europe on the Skiathos Island. The unique aspect of this place is that the runway is located just next to the sea. It’s really breathtaking to watch planes approaching the airport right above your mast. 

Among that, here you can find a lot of attractions like a Mama Mia Chapel known from one of the famous ABBA’s clip.

Another great place available for sailors is The Blue Beach.

Also, here you can find a lot of small ports which are so amazing.

Ready for a trip around Sporades?

If you have never been there, you definitely should try. This is totally different place if compare to the rest of the country, but still with the great Greek lifestyle and beautiful nature. Sailing here is just a pleasure. If you consider hire a skipper or charter a boat on Sporades you can contact me using the from 🙂




September, 2022


Mariusz Wrobel


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