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Sardinia Sailing

Sardinia sailing blue water, bays and beaches

Sardinia is one of the most popular sailing place in Europe.  It shouldn’t be surprising for anyone who already had a chance to visit this beautiful place. The most popular is the north-west coast which is really great choice as a yacht charter base. Among sailing we can find here a countless number of the beautiful bays, beaches and rocks.

What to see during a sailing trip?

Absolutely must see is the La Maddalena National Park, where you can find blue water bays, and beaches. One of the most incredible is the Calla Coticcio on the Caprera Island or Calla Lunga on the Razzoli Island.

Among bays and nature anchorages you can choose between a lot of beautiful cities like a the most luxury and known Porto Cervo on the La Maddalena, Santa Teresa or Bonifaccio which is on the French Corsica Island. Adding the Tavolara to this list makes a really interesting list for a cruising trip.

Sailing conditions

Sardinia, especially area between Corsica is a usually windy and great place for sailing trip. During the season the weather is mostly sunny and hot in the cities, with a cooling breeze from the sea. This makes sailing here really incredible and unique.

Looking for a skipper or yacht charter on Sardinia?

If you want to spend your dream sailing holidays on  Sardinia but have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact with me. 

Let me show you these beautiful places and many more during your sailing holidays! See you!




September, 2022


Mariusz Wrobel


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