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Italy Aeolian Islands

Aeolian Islands cruising - The wind, lava and sea

One of the most exiting place I visited as a skipper is an Italian Archipelago of the volcanic Islands called Aeolian Islands. All of them are located on the Tyrrhenian Sea, about 20 miles from the north coast of the Sicily. That also gives you very comfortable charter base for sailing trip. 

Sailing and other attractions

Most of the sailors arrive to one the local airports which are in Catania and Palermo. You can and travel by taxi or public transport to the starting point which for example Capo d’Orlando can be.

Sailing here is just as popular as in other Italian Islands like Sardinia, but this place is very unusual.

All of the Islands are a similar, but for sure you should visit minimum like a couple of them. Furthermore they offer cute small cities, beautiful anchorages, active volcanos and geysers. There is also a lot to see on foot, hiking on the Salina or Stromboli Volcano. Among that, you can rent a car or a scooter on the Lipari  and drive make a daily trip around the island.

The most beautiful aspect of the Aeolian Islands is a tough and raw volcanic landscape covered by a huge amount of the green plants and trees. Some of them can be compare to the Caribbean’s views.
Just thing about spending all night on a yacht next to the Stromboli Volcano, and see the lava’s coming out of it.
Cruising around the Aeolian Islands can be a dream holidays.

Aeolian Islands - need a skipper?

Wind, Water and Fire… Aeolian Islands is not just a good sailing place, but it’s it’s also a great place to see and feel the power of nature.
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September 2022


Mariusz Wrobel


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